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We had the pleasure of having Bryan as our photographer for both our engagements and wedding. I was amazed with the work I had seen on his pages and wanted to book him for our events. We were amazed with his talents of not only photography in pictures but his overall work during the shoots as well. Our engagement pictures were our first professional pictures together. Having Bryan's insight on poses and lighting made it super easy to keep everything natural and fun. Not only do we have great photos to help us remember those special times in our life we also made a life long friend that we would recommend to anyone. He takes great pride in his work and does everything possible to make sure you receive nothing but the best of his work.

Theresa Jannice Willis reviewed Beautyinart Weddings — 5 star

Bryan was one of the best parts of my wedding day. He did my engagements, boudoir, and bridals leading up to our big day and still managed to wow me with our wedding photos. Perfect mix of art with the traditional must haves. Thank you so much Bryan for being not just our photographer but someone I now call a friend

April Moore reviewed Beautyinart Weddings — 5 star

So thankful to have such amazing, beautiful pictures that capture such an amazing, beautiful day! Our wedding memories will live on with Bryan's stunning photos, thank you Bryan. You are the best, hands down!

Bridget Diane Hernandez reviewed Beautyinart Weddings — 5 star

Hands down, the best choice when it comes to your big day. He is the best!

AJ Culembourg reviewed Beautyinart Weddings — 5 star


Bryan is hands down the best photographer I have ever worked with! I have used Bryan's artistic expertise for sports and artistic photography, photos for my business and family, and most recently had him fly out to shoot my best friends wedding! What a success! Bryan has a brilliant eye, and knows how to execute the perfect shot. He goes above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable, and his sense of humor makes him a joy to work with. Beauty In Art is my go-to company to capture all my important moments in life! Thank you Bryan Anderson!
Gina S. - San Diego, CA

Bryan is a must if you're needing photos in Houston! He shot my engagement photos and my wedding as well. I brought him from Houston to San Antonio to shoot my wedding THAT'S HOW AMAZING HE IS. I love that he gives you all the photos too and doesn't make you buy them through him or charge any additional fees. He's spunky, quirky, and makes the whole process fun! Love him AND the photos!
Jessica Bella Adriana P. - San Antonio, TX

Bryan did the most amazing job capturing our wedding!!! The photos are magical and I couldn't be more pleased. He knows exactly how to get the best expressions out of people and captures each moment in a single shot. Highly highly recommend him!!!! Love love love
Garth V.

Brain Anderson is absolutely one of the best photographers in Houston. Just looking thru his portfolio can tell you that for sure. His creative side truly explains that his photography is indeed art.
I have used him for many years for small prodects and we had a chance to use him for our wedding. His style and personality made the time we shot fun and not burdensome at all.
The final portfolio was amazing and beautiful. Brian thank you sop much for your friendship and an amazing job.
Sara D. - Houston, TX

We selected Beauty in Art as our wedding photographer after a recommendation from a friend and a meeting with Bryan. Our package included engagements, bridals and wedding photography. We were impressed with the quality of the photography & the creativity of Bryan throughout the duration of our services. For our engagements, we envisioned whimsical, nature-based pictures with lots of light. Bryan more than delivered and the pictures were stunning. For our bridal session, Bryan did a wonderful job directing me and positioning me in flattering ways. I had more than enough final shots to choose from and had a great time playing with him and taking pictures. Finally, Bryan really was a big help on the day of the wedding. He went above and beyond basic wedding photographer and helped me (the bride) throughout the day to corral relatives, explain things to my mother & other family members, act as the liason to the venue & wedding band, guide me throughout the timeline of wedding events (bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc.) To contrast, my sister did not have such a professional and helpful photographer at her wedding out of state. This is something that she continues to regret to this date, over a year later. Yes, we paid more for these professional services, but the value we received outweighed the cost. His professionalism and kid-glove care on the date of our wedding were worth their weight in gold. I would proudly recommend his services.

Google reviews

I adore Bryan Anderson! As owner of The Lasker Inn on Galveston Island I have had the privilege of working with Bryan on many occasions. Bryan comes to the table with a calm, creative, wonderful demeanor and great sense of humor. He has a way of putting even the most nervous of brides at ease. He brings out the best in everyone he shoots. Bryan is a master of lighting. His photos are multidimensional and capture the magic and the love in every moment. He is careful to get all the special family group photos that are a one time opportunity not to be missed. Bryan shoots models and movie stars but keeps his rates reasonable so that every bride has the opportunity to have first class artistic photo memories of their dream wedding. Weddings are his favorite and it shows in his enthusiasm and attention to detail. Bryan is a gifted artist and also a kindhearted soul who gives back to the community in so many ways. Whether it's free photo shoots for special needs kids, cancer survivors, or our faithful men and women who defend our country or passing out mosquito spray to the homeless, Bryan is a treasure. He has exhibited in art galleries and studio shows. From artistic milk dresses to mythical fantasy shoots to underwater wedding dress shoots, his creativity is mind blowing and exceptional! Simply Fantastic! I cannot say enough wonderful things about Bryan!

Linda Denson

My now husband and I sought Bryan Anderson after visiting with many other Houston wedding photographers/companies and seeing much of his work. We agreed we wanted more than a person behind an expensive camera who could "point" and "click"; we wanted an innovative visionary that was creative, artistic, professional, unique, friendly, and well-versed in the industry. Bryan exceeded our wants and expectations. He delivered exceptional photos, capturing every moment we wanted and hundreds (literally) that we didn't even know we wanted. Bryan goes above and beyond for his clients. We met with Bryan on several occasions pre-wedding to discuss our wants and ideas, and so he could get to know us as a couple in order to meet our expectations. He truly seeks to find what makes a bride&groom happy and he keeps their wants as his focus. I am a dental student with a grueling schedule and was not able to coordinate my schedule with my venue (The Bell Tower on 34th) to shoot my bridals at my venue. Bryan was gracious enough to allow an additional post-wedding bridal shoot so we could capture bridals at my venue. I cannot express how highly I think of him and his work. My husband, I & our families would give him 10 stars if possible. He's funny and very interactive with wedding guests. We received lots of compliments and inquiries for Bryan after our wedding. We thank him greatly!!

Kealy Hillard

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